# Charles Morisset
I am a Senior Lecturer in Security in the School of Computing and the Director of the Digital Skills Lab in the SAgE Faculty, at Newcastle University.
# Upcoming and current events - The School of Computing is expanding! We are [recruiting Lecturers and Senior Lecturers](https://www.jobs.ac.uk/job/CWB309/lecturer-senior-lecturer-in-computing), including in Security. Deadline on 24 February, happy to chat informally. - [ACM SAC 2023](https://www.sigapp.org/sac/sac2023/index.html), where Huda Alatwi will present her work on Realism versus Performance for Adversarial Examples against DL-Based NIDS. - [DBSec 2023](https://dbsec2023.github.io/cfp.html), abstract deadline end of March. Please consider submitting a paper! # Research Projects I have been involved with many research projects over the years. I'm currently looking into two main topics: - Security of Smart Infrastructure, which includes with my involvement in the PETRAS Centre, within which I'm leading two projects directly related to the security and privacy of smart buildings. My main collaborators include Lilian Edwards (Law School), Luke Smith (Engineering), John Mace (Computing) and Rima Alaeedine (Computing). I've also done some with Carsten Maple (Warwick) within PETRAS on risk assessment for smart buildings. As part of this topic, I'm also involved in a Security work-package in the Active Building Centre, working with Sara Walker (Engineering) and Ricardo Czekster (Computing), as well as John Clark (Sheffield) and Walter Bassage (Sheffield). Finally, I'm leading a Security work-package in the e4Future project, working with Myriam Neaimeh (Engineering) and Roberto Metere (Computing) on vehicle-to-grid systems. - Access Control, which was my PhD topic and on which I have had many collaborations over the years, including notably Nicola Zannone (TU Eindhoven) and Jason Crampton (Royal Holloway). Our initial paper on PTaCL has established a formal semantics for attribute-based access control (ABAC and introduced the problem of attribute hiding attacks (when an attacker gains access control privilege by hiding some attributes). We have recently developed a formal framework for the efficient evaluation of ABAC policies, with the collaboration of Tim Willemse. This framework uses Binary Decision Diagrams to make tractable the problem of evaluation policies with missing information. # PhD Students - Peter Carmichael, 2014 - 2019, examiners: Sasa Radomirovic (Heriot-Watt) and Jason Steggles (Newcastle) - Sean Simpson, 2014 - 2021, main supervisor: Thomas Gross, examiners: Shujun Li (Kent) and Sadegh Soudjani (Newcastle) - Luca Arnaboldi, 2016 - 2021, examiners: Sandro Etalle (TU Eindhoven) and Aad van Moorsel (Birmingham). - Mazyounah Alfagham, since 2018 - Tim Rodaway since 2018, main supervisor: Phil James. - Rawan Tawer, since 2019 - Naoom Abah, since 2019 - Ricky Lim, since 2019 - David Sanchez, since 2019 - Huda Alatwi, since 2020